Traditional Beam & Block

Suspended precast concrete floors have been used extensively within the building industry and is a well trusted and recognised method of construction. The advantages over other methods of construction are proven and wide ranging.

CUBE6 beam and block flooring is the ideal solution for suspended ground floors in housing. Where a heavy point load is to be applied to CUBE6 beam and block flooring i.e. garages, the floor should have concrete of minimum grade C20 reinforced with an A98 mesh to distribute the load.

Advantages of suspended precast concrete floors:

  • Quick and simple installation – no specialist teams or skills required.
  • Provides Immediate Safe Working Platform – as soon as the pre-cast elements are installed the floor can safely be used allowing continuation by following trades.
  • Minimal excavation of ground surface.
  • All weather construction – can be installed in adverse weather conditions.
  • Flexibility of Design – the high load carrying capacity allows freedom of room design
  • Rigid Floor – without the bounce or creaking associated with timber joists.
  • Suitable for brown field developments and developments with restricted site access.