CUBE6 Commitment

Our Commitment

CUBE6 Limited are an ISO14001:2015 certified company. We are aware of the damage that any business can have on the environment, omitting pollution, producing waste and use of valuable resources. We are committed to undertake regular Life Cycle Analysis in order to review our processes, materials, transport and site waste and introduce new procedures swiftly and effectively.

2015 – We invested in 96 solar panels at our production site which is supplying over 30% of our yearly requirements, over 24000kW per year.

2019 – Our electricity supply is from a non-profit organistation whose electricity is certified as being sourced from UK based wind and solar generators.


Reduction in Resources and Materials

By using the CUBE6 Thermal Floor you will reduce the amount of materials and resources required when compared to Traditional Beam and Block Floors.

This includes upto:-

  • 75% less concrete (excluding topping).
  • 20% fewer beams per m2 of floor
  • 30% additional flooring area per vehicle.
  • 450kg EPS for a full load of flooring insulation against 35 tonnes equivalent in flooring blocks plus
  • a separate delivery of sheet insulation
Factory Products
  • All waste concrete, steel wire and timber packing used during the production process are taken away for recycling locally.
  • All products are recyclable at the end of their life cycle.
  • We do not use harmful chemicals in the production of our precast units.
  • We constantly review quality to reduce rejects.
  • Timber bearers are from UK sustainable sources.
  • Ready mix concrete used to produce the beams is on the same site.
  • We purchase over 65 % of our Steel wire in the UK.
  • Pushing suppliers to cut the amount of shrink wrap they use in their packaging
Office Material
  • Quotations and drawings are emailed; saving resources and transport.
  • All dormant files are electronically archived and recycled.
  • Brochures are no longer available in hard copy.
  • All paper supplies are PEFC certified.
  • Toners for printers, photocopiers and fax machines are returned to the suppliers for recycling.
Drainage and Rainwater Harvesting

The managing and harvesting of rainwater is critical to ensure we manage the changes predicted in the UK climate over the next 50 years. The CUBE6 site includes the installation of soakaways and areas that will not be concreted which will help to prevent localised flooding and reduce the demand on the piped drainage systems. There is also a 3000 gallon water harvesting tank for use in the manufacture of the ready mixed concrete.


Need any advice?

Need any advice?