For a long time traditional beam and block flooring was the standard system for UK house builders. It was seen as the “next logical step” back in the days when the emphasis was on quantity as opposed to quality.

But time moves on and things change. Today there is an awareness, emphasis and indeed general commitment to produce homes that are not just well designed and considered but properties that are built to meet government, environment and efficiency targets…

CUBE6 Thermal Flooring

The CUBE6 Thermal Flooring system comprises of our 150mm deep precast concrete floorbeam together with a precision cut solid core polystyrene panel. Separate building blocks and insulation over are no longer required as the polystyrene provides both insulate and the formwork onto which a concrete topping can be poured. The panels interlock on the underside to envelope the floor beam and provide unbroken layer of insulation below.

We can design and supply Thermal Floors for the complete range of U Values required for any house design in any configuration with any precast beam layout for every site. This is achieved without the need for any additional insulation above the thermal floor.

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Significant improvements are made in the thermal efficiency of the building, compared to a standard beam & block system. The advantages include an increased level of comfort for the home owner and reduced heating costs. The system meets with the more stringent requirements of the current Part L Building Regulations and approved by The British Board of Agrément